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Hi! We're Abram and Jessica and we run Prairie Valley Beef from our farm in north central Iowa. We're excited to share our passion of high quality beef with you.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to know where their food comes from. That's why we're so excited to share our story with you! Thanks for stopping by.

Murray's Steakhouse

Our premium Akaushi beef is available online and at Murray's Steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Murray's Steakhouse is known for their nationally-acclaimed steaks, so when Abram visited Executive Chef Rick VanDoeren with a sample of our Akaushi beef, he wanted to be the only restaurant in the city to serve our beef. To make your reservation, visit http://www.murraysrestaurant.com and be sure to ask about their Akaushi nights.

Prairie Valley Beef is Available at Murray's Steakhouse in Minneapolis | Premium Akaushi Beef
Akaushi Cow from Prairie Valley Beef | Premium Akaushi Beef

What is Akaushi?

Akaushi (Ah-kah-ooh-she) cattle originated in Kumamoto, Japan and are considered Japan's "national treasure". Their genetics have been carefully guarded and not generally shared with the international cattle market. However, in the 1990s during a brief change in trade regulations, a group of Texas ranchers imported eight cows and three bulls to the United States. The ranchers grew the herd to 4,000 fullbloods. All of our cattle at Prairie Valley Beef are descendants of this original herd.

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